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AmericanHawk Industrial Products, LLC is a distribution company specializing in highly practical and economical solutions for job shops and specialty manufacturers, particularly companies involved in sheet metal, manual welding, machining and related processing.
Like you, we have seen and have had to live with shop floor products that were basically a compromise. Frankly we saw no reason for it, so we started doing something about it.

We have designed and developed virtually all of the devices our fabrication partner uses to support welding, visual scheduling and sequencing, product movement and transport, air filtration, specialized lighting, machine monitoring, etc.

We are engineers by training and in spirit, but engineers focused on one thing: world class operational performance in extraordinarily high mix operations. That’s what we do every day. And that’s what we love. Designed in America. Built in America. By Americans.

We will continually introduce our highly functional products. Products that enhance productivity, safety and ergonomics, and support low waste production.

We are located in SW Michigan and have been involved in the full service contract sheet metal fabrication business for 20 years. We have learned how to thrive in a high mix, high service level environment in virtually any economy.

The products that you will find at AmericanHawk Industrial Products, LlC are a result of our focus. Some simple, some more complex. But all shop proven to support world class productivity in a safe, modern way.

That’s why our motto is… We Know. We really do.

For questions, general inquiries, customization information or to place an order, please contact our Customer Service at: +1(269)-468-0308

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We know. We really do.

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