5/16″ Steel Nozzle For Abrasive Blast Gun

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Part V742

5/16″ Steel Combo nozzle of  3-1/8″ length


5/16″ Steel Nozzle For Abrasive Blast Gun

Part: V742

5/16″ Assembled Steel Nozzle for 13 CFM use with our Large Portable Blaster 428A in V787 Gun for optimal blasting performance and convenient portability for many surface applications.

  • Air Consumption: 13 cfm @ 60 psi min. Can be used for Higher power Cfm outputs, refer to Psi/Cfm chart when  using compressors of greater Psi.
  • Bore Size: 5/16″
  • Connection Type: Hex Tighten
  • Jacket Material: Steel
  • Nozzle Material: Steel
  • Overall Length: 3-1/8″
  • Style: Siphon
  • Type: Sand Blasting Nozzle